Parties and entertainment since the Tsarist era

Wanha Kasino was completed in 1896 as the centre of entertainment and social life for spa guests on the Happy Islands. Aino Ackté, the prima donna of the opera world, knew her worth and appreciated quality. You are now in her favourite haunt. Ackté was a familiar sight at Kasino’s parties over the
years. It is incredible that we still have the joy of seeing this beautiful building today. Wanha Kasino invites you to celebrate life with its history of entertainment,  artfully prepared dishes, and dedicated service staff –cheers!

Ode to Lake Saimaa by Pyry Nykänen (Culinary Team Finland), surprise menu 2.7.-3.8.2024

Tue-Sat at 15:30 and 18:00 (3:30 and 6:00 pm.)
– Ode to Lake Saimaa, 5 course surprise menu 69€/pers.
– Ode to Lake Saimaa, 3 course surprise menu 52€/pers.

Eastern Finland holds a treasure – the hidden gem – the enchanting Lake Saimaa with its pure nature. Saimaa engages all senses with its fresh wilderness, captivating silence, clean water, endless forests and the welcoming Eastern Finnish culture. For us, gastronomy is an everyday luxury as our forests and lakes serve us the purest food in the world.

In the European Region of Gastronomy year 2024, we aspire to combine food with art and culture in ways never seen before. That’s why our culture is unique – and worth discovering.

Remember to book a wine package with the surprise menu!

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Note! Reservations must be made in advance.

Restaurant Wanha Kasino is open for private events when booked in advance. Please contact our sales department to book your event: 
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